Saturday, November 23, 2013

Mechanicum Warlord Traits

Mechanicum Warlord Traits
1)      Master of Mechanisms
The Magos is a true artificer, and the war engines and automata at his command are a testament of his powers.  Select one unit of Monsterous Creatures or a single vehicle squadron with at least one armour value of 12 or higher in the same detachment as the Warlord.  That unit gains the It Will Not Die special rule.
2)      Perfected Targeting
The preternatural augmented mind of the magos can predict the precisely optimal targeting resolution to sow destruction amid the foe.  While your Warlord is alive, select a single weapon either they are carrying or that is on a unit with in 6" of them in the shooting phase with the Heavy type.  That weapon counts as being twin-linked for this turn.
3)      Predictive Augury
The Magos may respond with lightning swiftness to enemy attack.  The Warlord, and any unit they have joined, hit on a 5 or 6 when firing Overwatch.
4)      Death of Flesh
The Magos has made a particular study of the weakness of flesh.  They and the units under their command have therefore become expert in exploiting pain and suffering to achieve tactical objectives.  All units with in the detachment have Preferred Enemy (infantry - all types) with in 3" of an objective.
5)      Dead Rites
The magos carries with them secret knowledge of the Dark Age of Technology, and has seen and done things no mind can do and remain sane.  The Warlord, and any unit they join, both cause Fear and is immune to its effects and has the Adamantium Will special rule.
6)      Battlefield Analysis
The Magos has studied the precise topography of the battlefield and calculated the optimum avenue of assault.  At the start of the game and after deployment, but before the game begins nominate a single piece of terrain in the enemy deployment zone.  The cover save provided by the terrain is lowered (ie, made worse) by -1 (5+ becoming a 6+, and so on.)

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