Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weapons of the Adeptus Mechanicus

The Adeptus Mechanicus is responsible for the design and manufacture of all weapons in the Imperium, from infantry held lasguns to interstellar weaponry, but there are certain types of weaponry whose secrets are jealously guarded and kept for themselves:

Lightning Gun

This aptly named weapon takes the form of a baroquely designed carbine either connected to a micro-reactor or, in the case of a Ordo Reductor Thallax, their own cybernetic power core.  It fires an ionizing las-beam down which a powerful phased discharge of electromagnetic force is unleashed, and is equally effective at slaughtering the living and overloading machine targets.

Lightning Gun            Range          Str          Ap          Type
                                    18"               7             5            Heavy 1, Shred, Rending 

Maxim Bolter

A relatively compact, short-chambered rotary boltgun, these weapons are capable of a much higher rate of fire than a standard boltgun, but their weight and recoil mean that they may only be used by heavily augmented users such as Karkinos Servitors and the Myrmidons of the Cult Mechanicum.

Maxim Bolter              Range          Str          Ap          Type
                                     12"               4             5            Assault 3

Mauler Bolt Cannon

A field support weapon found with in the Skitarii Tech Guard formations and mounted on certain Battle Automata, the baroque and bulky automatic cannon differ from the more common Heavy Bolter only in caliber, with the Mauler using a substantially larger and denser shells, with a proportionally larger and stronger gun-frame needed to handle the firing stresses involved.  These are powerful weapons whose secrets are jealously guarded by the Mechanicum.

Mauler Bolt Cannon    Range          Str          Ap          Type
                                      24"              6             3            Heavy 3, Pinning  

Photon Thruster Weapons

The arcane secrets of these deadly but unstable beam weapons are jealously guarded by the Tech Adepts who hold them, even from their own brotherhoods with in the Mechanicum, leading some to believe the technology is xenos in origin.  When fired, they unleash howling, needle-thin beams of utter blackness able to pierce the densest matter, slashing and slicing armoured men and machinery apart like razors, leaving pulsing waves of darkness in their wake.  The exotic power sources of these unearthly weapons are extremely unstable, and catastrophic failure can lead to its firer being consumed by raging black flames until only dust remains.

Photon Gauntlet         Range          Str          Ap          Type 
                                    12"              5             2            Assault 2, Blind, Gets Hot!

Photon Thruster         Range          Str          Ap          Type 
                                    48"              6             2            Heavy 2, Lance, Blind, Gets Hot!

Darkfire Cannon        Range          Str          Ap          Type 
                                    60"              7             2            Heavy 2, Lance, Blind, Gets Hot!

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