Thursday, August 15, 2013


Just saw this from the Forge World website.  Again on my Adeptus Mechanicus kick, these bad boys are on my wish list!  Unlike the GW one-click bundles, there are some savings from Forge World.
Maniple of 5:  $253
Individual:  $56 for one
Buying 5 separately:  $323 
Savings:  $70 difference for buying Maniple bundle
Cohort of 9:  $117
One Squad of 3:  $44
Three Squads separately:  $131 
Savings:  $14 savings for buying Cohort bundle

The only disappointment I have with the Thallax is the lack of the other listed weapon options.  Perhaps more will come out later.
~  On a personal note, just wanted to say thanks for the encouraging remarks some of you have made, definitely makes this blog that much more rewarding to me.

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