Saturday, August 31, 2013

Forge World: New Models and Video

"For a warrior, the only crime is cowardice"
Attributed to Horus Lupercal

The XVIth Legion has always had a reputation for aggression and employing swift overwhelming shock assaults against enemy forces. As time passed and more of their ranks were made up of recruits from the brutal gangs of Cthonia, the aggressive tactics and culture of the Sons of Horus began to influence the design of their arms and armour. Their war gear would often be adorned with spikes, Cthonian glyphs and gang markings, as well as symbols of the Legion’s past such as wolf heads.

"Fear our fallen brothers, for death shall not stay their wrath"Vorgal Caleb
the Hell Wrought, Sons of Horus 
Horus Heresy Book II:  Massacre is set for release at UK Games Day 2013.

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