Friday, August 16, 2013

Legion Sicaran

"With such weapons as these at the forefront of our Great Crusade, we shall lay low the xenos, strike down ignorance and cast the shadows of Old Night beyond the borders of the galaxy. With reason and enlightenment comes unification and glory, and a thousand times a thousand years of prosperity, all in the name of the Emperor of Mankind."

Iterator Jhorvus Mhal, during the Thirteen Realms Campaign

One of the most advanced armoured units in the arsenal of the Great Crusade, the Sicaran Battle Tank was the exclusive province of the Space Marine Legions. The Sicaran utilises component technologies from various STC patterns to create a high-speed ‘destroyer’ tank to complement the more commonplace Predator and Land Raider designs.
The primary armament of the main Sicaran variant is the sophisticated Herakles pattern accelerator autocannon, a superior rapid-firing and highly accurate weapon. It fires shells at far higher velocities than a standard autocannon, enabling it to successfully track and engage swift moving targets and pinpoint vulnerabilities in enemy armour with lethal precision.          

Think I'm going to need a second job just to support my hobby...           

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