Saturday, August 17, 2013

Horus Heresy - Reposting Info for Books 2 and 3

From Loken over at Apocalypse 40K:

The Horus Heresy Book Two - MassacreWhat's in the book:


     Iron Hands.

     Word Bearers

     Night Lords

Salamanders - Firedrake terminators   Playtester said they were "the most made of win" unit yet.  Pyroclasts - advanced flamer technology

Iron Hands - Cyborg breecher assault squads

Other forces:
     Mechanicum     Legio cybernetica. Allies or full army, background as well.
     Titan Legions    Lesser Known Legio -  Firebrands

Return of:
     Emperors Children
     Works Eaters
     Death Guard
     Sons of Horus.  Additional unit for each in book two.

*  Story for the first part of the battle
*  History of the four new legions
*  Rules for the four new legions plus:
     Special units

*  Rules for new Mechanicum units
*  Scenarios & Campaign System

The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination

This book will come out within 6 months of Book Two.  There won't be a big gap between books like between 1 & 2.  

Book Three is the last part of the first Trilogy

Part Two of the Battle of Isstvan V & the Battle of Phall

New Legions:

     Raven Guard
     Iron Warriors
     Alpha Legion
     Imperial Fists


The next trilogy of books


Signus Prime

Thousand Sons
Space Wolves
Legio Custodes
Sisters of Silence
Blood Angels

Hopefully Mechanicum will get more in book three.  Looking forward to seeing the Iron Hands models.  So far I haven't been disappointed with anything, just really hard trying to stick to one faction with all the sick models coming out.  Legio Custodes??  Really going to need that second job, or start working more weekends!

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