Thursday, August 15, 2013

Age of Strife - The Techno-Barbarians

Techno-barbarians is the name given to the warriors who battled over the ruins of Terra during the Age of Strife. They formed the troops of the warlords who dominated Terra during the period, and were equipped with a primitive form of powered armor which would become the basis for the developments of Space Marine armor.  The Emperor arose in the later part of the Age of Strife to reunify Terra. Under his leadership his army conquered the other warring techno-barbarian factions.

There is not a lot of information on these warriors, but I think that they make fantastic conversion opportunities.  One could only wish for models and a Imperial Armour book during this timeline. (Alan Bligh, are you out there? ;)

Augmented Techno Barbarian
Techno Barbarian Warlord

Chaos Tainted Warlord 

Female Warrior

Infantry - Unification Wars
Forge World - Age of Strife
Mars - Age of Strife


  1. I'm really starting to like your blog ;D

    The Forgeworld pic is great. Gives some great ideas for conversions... maybe I should make a Magos for Inq28... wouldn't be so pricey as a whole mechanicus army...

    I can only quote a guy from my homecountry:

  2. Greatest quote of all time my friend ;)

    From Austria correct? I'm from Vegas myself.. Looking forward to the Vegas Open from Frontline Gaming.

    I think all the art work is John Blanche. I'm hoping that the rumor of the Inquisitor skirmish game based on his art work is true because I'm a big fan of his work.

    But I'm right with you on the Mechanicus, been wanting to start an army since 3rd.. Perhaps one day!

    Always a pleasure sir, look forward to hear from you again!