Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alternate Models for a Mechanicus Army

I've been obsessed with starting a Mechanicus army lately.  I have purchased some Thallax shock infantry and plan on getting the new Magus and Castellax models upon release and I will post pictures of my progress once I get some built. With so few choices I have been checking other model ranges and have found some really nice alternatives.  Below is a sample of the Iron Brotherhood minis from Micro Art Studios.

Next up is from Hitech Miniatures.  This range would make a great 'counts as' Grey Knight army with a Mechanicus theme.

Last is a video I found of a beautiful 'counts as' Mechanicus army.  My conversion skills pale in comparison, but I still found the video inspiring.



  1. I have already seen the microart models before, but the hitech minis are new to me.

    I'm now tempted to start a Mechanicus army. Unfortunatly I'm lacking time and money. (I'm just building my BT-army)

  2. loving the blog. Here's hoping forgeworld expand their ad mech range, and #gasp# maybe we'll get a proper list.
    (although I prefer dark mech myself, less rules)

  3. @Knight of Dorn: I would love to start a counts as 'Grey Knight' army with those Hitech minis, but I'm in the same boat, they are very pricey! My third 40k army was BT back from the old Armageddon dex (BA was first and Death Guard was my second). Part of me is disappointed that it's getting rolled in, but guess we will have more toys! We can always hope for a supplement though ;)

    @Chris: I really appreciate it Chris.. From what I understand that they will drip release more AM models with each Heresy book, which is a lot more easier on my wallet! Eventually they are supposed to wrap it all up in one codex which would be amazing.