Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pre-Planning My Mechanicus Army

Friday night I was at my FLGS here in Vegas and decided to order my initial batch of Iron Brotherhood minis.  I have searched for pictures of other existing armies for inspiration and have discovered some beautiful work out there.  Until FW or GW come out with a full list I have decided to base my army on Codex: Necrons.  I felt by using that codex it would help with the advanced technology feel of the army. 

This is the first guy I ordered and will be my counts as Necron Lord.  The only thing I plan on adding to the model is a Mechanicus style warscythe. 
Was thinking about running these guys as Necron Deathmarks.  I like the model so I probably won't be doing too much them.
To make a legal army I went ahead and ordered 10 of these guys and will run them in two squads of 5 Necron Immortals.  I think the model is fine as is, so I probably won't be doing any conversions with these either.
Weapons Servitor
These are the last models I ordered.  I was having a difficult time thinking about what to run them as so I am leaning towards Necron Heavy Destroyers.  I definitely want to add ranged weapons arms and a power pack of some sort.

Future Plans will included filling out the ranks of my existing units and adding more units.  The two pictures above are models that I would like to get eventually.  Since the model range is limited I plan on adding simple modifications to represent different units.  I would like to add a flyer eventually but I am having a difficult time finding a model that would go along with the theme. 
This is not going to be a competitive list and will be for friendly games at my game store because I know some of the model are not the best at what they represent.  I play 40k for fun and the last thing I want to be accused of is modeling for advantage.  I'm doing it to satisfy my long fixation with the Mechanicus and as a fun side project to go along with my existing 40k armies. 
I may consider using these bits from Kromlech if I can get ahold of them:
Here is a link Hortwerth's fantastic Iron Brotherhood army that really inspired me and really pushed me over the edge to go ahead with this project: 
I wanted to share this video again just because it's so cool.




  1. Nice! So good luck with your army. I look forward to see pics. :D

    Will it be a Loyalist or a Dark Mech army? Anyway this will be cool. You could then use them also for HH games, as the Mechanicum schould be featured in the next book.

    Thumbs up!

  2. Hey Knight!

    It's going to be Imperial, but I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to make them Dark Mechanicus ;)

    I'm mostly doing the project to hold me over until they have a full AM list from FW, so hopefully we won't be waiting for too long! I'm aiming for 1750pts, but I'm not sure what kind of model I can use as a flyer that would fit with the overall look.

    First models may be in this week if so I'll post pics soon!